The Phoenix Files tells the story of a brand-new invite-only town, which is supposed to be a paradise. However, it's not long before the cracks begin to show: malfunctioning phone lines, restrictions on car use, and a private security detail instead of a police force. Teenagers Luke, Peter and Jordan uncover the true reason for the town's existence - a secret that means Phoenix is suddenly the safest and most dangerous place on Earth: Someone in Phoenix is plotting to wipe out the human race. Starring BAFTA nominee Paul McGann The Phoenix Files: Man in the Shadows begins the thrilling sci-fi trilogy.


The Phoenix Files: Man in the Shadows

by Chris Morphew 

Directed, Adapted & Produced by Benjamin Maio Mackay




Paul McGann, Julia Sciacca, Benjamin Maio Mackay, Sebastian Cooper, Andrew Hansen, Stephen Mahy, Kurt Phelan, Steve Parker, Joshua Mensch, Lesley Reed, Michelle Nightingale, Edmund Pegge, James McCluskey-Garcia, Christine Pearsall, James Edwards, Ellis Dolan, Christophe Pasquier, Myles Teakle, Peta Shannon, Melanie Remen, Sean Braithwaite, James Whitrow, Sebastian Skubala, Issy Darwent, Jennifer Barry, Mary Rose Angley and Kate Owen.


The music was composed and performed by Sean Braithwaite.

The Phoenix Files: Man in the Shadows

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