The Phoenix Files franchise concludes in this exhilarating race to the end of the world. The apocalypse is coming right on schedule, and Luke and Jordan are running out of options. As the Shackleton Building becomes a prison, the last free people in Phoenix are forced into hiding. Meanwhile, Peter is spiraling out of control. Can Jordan find a way to save Luke's life, or is history doomed to repeat itself? With only days until Tabitha is released, Phoenix's biggest secrets are yet to be revealed. Whatever happens next, the world as they know it is coming to an end.


Starring BAFTA nominee Paul McGann, The Phoenix Files: Life in the Flames is the thrilling conclusion to this sci-fi trilogy.


The Phoenix Files: Life in the Flames

by Chris Morphew 

Directed, Adapted & Produced by Benjamin Maio Mackay




Paul McGann, Stephen Mahy, Kurt Phelan, Andrew Hansen, Ben Sorensen, Julia Sciacca, Benjamin Maio Mackay, Sebastian Cooper, Aaron Broomhall, Georgia Stockham, Steve Parker, Joshua Mensch, Lesley Reed, Michelle Nightingale, James McCluskey-Garcia, Christine Pearsall, James Edwards, Ellis Dolan, Christophe Pasquier, Myles Teakle, Peta Shannon, Melanie Remen, Sean Braithwaite, James Whitrow, Sebastian Skubala, Issy Darwent, Jennifer Barry, Mary Rose Angley, Vincent Donato, Chris Bullen and Kate Owen.


The music was composed and performed by Sean Braithwaite.

The Phoenix Files: Life in the Flames

  • The audio-drama is in an Mp3 format, which plays on most computers and mobile devices. Your purchase will give you a .zip download that includes all 8 tracks and the cover art.